10 avr. 2013

Teaser 1 Origin - Lux #4

(Pepe Toth, toujours aussi magnifique ^^)

Teaser 1 :

« All the pent up, helpless rage formed a wrecking ball inside of me. Maintaining human form was near impossible. I wanted to hit something – destroy something. I needed to.
  ‟ Daemon, no one–”
  ‟ Shut up, ” I said, turning to where Matthew sat in the corner of the room.
Right this moment I wanted to destroy him.
  ‟ Just shut the hell up. ” »
Origin – Lux #4

(Ce teaser me fait déjà frémir d’impatience, on sent tellement la détresse de Daemon L)

Lux, book 4 : Origin, sortira en eBook et papier le 27 août 2013. Hâte ^^ !!!

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